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the rhythmic beat that can be detected in
an artery, corresponding to the regular contraction
of the left ventricle of the heart as it pumps blood
around the body.

Pulse diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is a major part of 4 diagnosis method of traditional medicine, and treated in harmony with time-honored clinical demonstration and the principle of oriental medicine from ancient time.


The diagnosis of oriental medicine

The basic diagnostic techniques of oriental medicine are seeing, asking, listening and touching and generally, the symptoms are distinguished as principle four diagnosis method. From the ancient times, oriental medical doctors good at seeing diagnosis are called wonderful physicians, those good at listening diagnosis are called divine physicians, those good at asking diagnosis are called industrious physicians, and those good at touching diagnosis are called dextrous physicians. The pulse diagnosis is a kind of touching diagnosis, and can be seen as an art or technique, and use at the end of diagnosis for final decision.