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Major functions

The effect of treatment can be checked by comparing with stored pulse wave patterns. Patient's pulse wave patterns can be compared with the standard pulse wave pattern, and it is stored and the effect of treatment can also be stored and checked at a glance.

The sensor measures the pulse wave accurately. The array sensor of Daeyomedi Co.,Ltd. is precise and pulse wave diagnosis is available, customized for each patient.

Traditional 6 part pulse wave diagnosis and 5-step pulse wave diagnosis is available. The diagnosis of 5 organs and synthetic diagnosis become easy.

It can be operated just by clicking simple icons.

Network is also supported.

It provides standard pulse wave patterns faithful to original oriental medical texts such as floating and deep, rapid and slow, Sloppery and choppy, long and short, thick and thin, powerful and powerless.

The pulse wave based on the original oriental medical texts are grafted in the modernized pulse wave analysis technology, enabling cardio-vascular diagnosis. Pulse wave analysis can provide the diagnosis of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc.



Product simulation



Model 3D-Mac

Category, Class

Blood pressure pulse analyzer, class -a


AC110~220V, 124.8W MAX


Pulse Beat

40 ~ 200 bpm


0 ~ 500g (0 ~ 385 mmHg)


Pulse 5

Applied pressure



5 %



Measuring Robot

3 axis

Measuring Principle

Tonometry Method

Size (mm)

852 985 502


45 kg

Number of Product License